Folding Inserting Machines

Folding Inserting Machines

A folding inserting machine is one of the other mail room equipment that Mailcoms sell to businesses. Here at Franking Machines London, we suggest going to Mailcoms and viewing their range of machines. They are built to help save time and money for a business by removing difficult, time consuming manual tasks. This is because a Folding Inserting Machine works much faster than a human and you do not have to give a machine a wage, saving you money.

A folding inserting machine will simply fold your mail, insert your mail and seal all your mail items up for you. This will then look very professional all the time. A human could not do this to such a high standard, and so it makes a folding inserting machine worth having.

There are many Folding inserting machines on the market today, and they all vary in speed, size and price. You can get a MailStream Lite that produces 900 letters an hour, or a faster machine that can produce over 3,000 letters per hour, the range is huge. For low cost folding inserting machines, Franking Machines London suggest that you visit Mailcoms as they sell a wide range of folding inserting machines for all types of businesses. They can save you money as they have low cost folding inserting machines, lower than many other businesses in the UK.

Mailcoms range of folding inserting machines includes:

• Mailstream Lite
• MailStream
• MailStream Pro
• MailStream Extra (DI425
• MailFill (DI500)
• MailFill Plus

These are all six folding inserting machines that Mailcoms can offer your business, and they are all low in price and vary in size and speed. Franking Machines London understands that the Mailstream Lite is the smallest machine, and therefore the slowest, but it is sold at a low price. The MailFill Plus however is in another league, as it is large in size, a bit more expensive but has much faster speeds. So depending on your mail load, the folding inserting machine you need may vary.

There are many advantages to owning a folding inserting machine for your business, and if you have one you will can access to these unique advantages and reap the rewards of owning a folding inserting machine. The advantages of owning a folding inserting machine include:

• Time Saving
• Money Saving
• Easier To use than manually folding letters
• More Convenient
• Improved productivity
• Enhanced Customer Relations
• Quiet Operation
• Drive Sales up with promotions
• Simple to set up – out of the box and ready to use
• Enhance your image
• Security over the folding process
• Manage Cash Flows

These are some of the many advantages of owning a folding inserting machine, and Franking Machines London suggests you get one. You really will reap the rewards. If you want one at a low price, go to Mailcoms as they will save you money. A folding inserting machine will make your mail room run more smoothly and efficiently, and so they are worth owning.